The Swiss Army Knife Stiletto

Just when I said I’m going to quit doing what I love, because it doesn’t pay off my bills. Things happen to be the complete opposite, I was given a higher responsibility in what I love. I decided to jump off to the wagon and create the very best in me.

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Knowing you was the most unexpected thing that ever happened to me. Opening up to you was the most spontaneous decision I’ve made.

—#crush #boytrouble #random #openingup 

Because you never plan who are you gonna fall to, and you just never plan on who you gonna open up to. It might be a stranger that you just met two days ago. But then again, a simple hi could lead to another thing. I’m giving you a chance, so don’t waste it.

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Playing the low key

Once we hear the word “Settle Down” what comes to our mind at the very first time? 

Playing the low key, yes.. ? 

Kinda true tho, but there’s no harm to play with the low keys isn’t? 

"Life changing" might be the essential hidden object underneath this kind of  treasure hunt

When space is all you need to put together your thoughts, this is just the right momentum. 

who doesn’t love a quick nostalgic moments with your loved ones and perhaps track back on how you get through your bitter past. Ask Kanye again “whatever that does not kill me,will only make you stronger”. Well, am i stronger-faster-better now? 

Even if I am stronger-faster-better , assuming I have sailed to where I wanna be? No, just not yet. 

Apart from the human nature of not being so easily satisfied, playing the low key makes me what I am today. 

Its no longer a construction work in progress sign right now- it’s safe to say crafting and beautifying in progress. 


I miss being in love. madly in love
I want love for all the right reasons
I want a shower of care
sincere familia laughter and acceptance.

I miss the euphoria of liking someone.
shallow as it sounds
but I need it as part of my life.

Im tired of being alone, I wanna have someone to share my laughter, pain and endurance.

then again, for all the right reason. I wish I could love again, as if there’s no bitter chapter before.

no more tossing and turning.

Little Miss Thorn

She seems unlikable, get to know her.
you ought to know why the Le Jardin Garden is strictly guarded.
never judge a rose by its thorn, never be misled the scent of dahlia.

She blossoms when no one barely notice, one or two are determined to protect her; she longed to them for the longest time. “question of the loyalty” as she speaks

” Showering the garden with a vivacious scent is a call of nature; being torn apart has always been inevitable; standing tall once taught, and forever said-never an option”

Little Miss Thorn stands tall and in any lustful common world, everyone is after her— that’s where she leaves black dahlia(s) alone where they belong to be…

Settling down might be the very last option of mine. what’s the rush? an adrenaline for fixing all the wrong objectives? no can do. The day after tomorrow is the year of rebuilding an endless empire of mine and a constant activity, namely running away to the other side of the world has turn into my recent addiction- undeniably realistic and eye opening as they all say it.

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Perhaps all she seek was an eternal peace from her misreable past
Yet she stranded and found herself by, opening the old wounds.
She was looking at some painstakingly good memories, convince herself that it wont tear her apart.               
Little girl its okay if you have to prove to your ownself that youre strong enough to bare with the bitter truth.
Little girl in life you’ll eventually learn to swallow the bitter pills from time to time…

In the absence of joy, she-by any chance-  find some doors that are wide and open for her..
Conscience tells her that the blame is on her and for not being a better girl that she is..her ego speaks revenge

One could never get rid of the old baggage, unless he or she tasted every bits of the old wounds..     

Torn her apart, yet she still learn how to pick up and put all the pieces together.. through out years,months and days.

If only reminisicing would be much more beautiful,she’ll make the best out of it. Just like how she gives her all with what she love and whom she loved the most- the person in the past..


Abria Mattina, Wake

so think well of me, please 


Abria Mattina, Wake

so think well of me, please